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Special thanks to Grishin Vladimir, Kondraschow Jewgenij and Kolchanov Aleksandr for detailed site testing, bug reporting and some great ideas.


ALLPOWERLIFTING.COM was developed from December 2009 to April 2010 and combines data from global and regional competitive powerlifting in a single database that can be updated by site users. It is based on my previous (now closed) project, which was placed on in 2006-2007.

What is this?

The database consists of several major objects: federations, protocols, athletes, records, locations and calendar of events, which are linked together logically.

Federations have a hierarchical structure: there is a major federations with their subfederations. The depth of nesting is not limited, which allows any federation to be added at any level in the database. This can be done by any registered user. By adding the federation, a user becomes the federation's moderator and it can lead records, the chronology of records, post news and documents. Meet results and announcements in the calendar can add all the users of the site. Moderator of federation may delegate the right to control to other users (but not more than 5). For federations, which were added before our release, the right of administration can be obtained only from the administration of the resource.

Meet results and performances
Protocol may add any registered user of the site in its personal account. How to do this - described in detail on page «Help». Import format has only a little restrictions, so a lot of existing protocols can be adapted to it with minimal effort.

Protocol may remain to the federation, but there may be an independent tournament. In addition to searching the protocols are also search athletes' performances. Using this feature, you can find athletes, who "squats over 500,"deadlifted over 400", etc. Please note that the search will come out from protocols. If you have not found the desired result, then such a protocol is not in the database yet, but you can add it by yourself. For each attempt in a performance, you can add photos and videos (so far only with youtube and ironscene, in the near future we will make our own video-hosting), if you click on it, right-click.

Database lifters of their achievements formed dynamically only from protocols and records.

Records always refer to a federation (of any international or regional level). A user cannot add "alltime" and similar lists of records and publish it on the site. Records of the federations can add and modify only one of the moderators of the federation.

Search the calendar allows the athlete to quickly find the competition for participation in the desired region and time. At every tournament there is the possibility of an online application, which will be sent to the site on the email address provided when placing the announcement. Announcement can add any registered user. Due to this the organizers may easily announce their tournament and take on his application in a single format, in one place.

Locations has only 3 levels of nesting: country, region and locality. Each location location has its own page, where displays information about its athletes, events, etc.

Internationalization and localization
The site can easily be translated into any language. To do this, download Excel-file, translate it and send to the Administration. Federation, protocol, athlete provides 2 names: International (Latin) and the name in national language.