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About federation 365-SWPF

365-SWPF - 365 Strong World Powerlifting Federation is created to unite the world through our sport and empower all competitors.  We welcome all athletes, without discrimination, no matter what gear (or not) they choose to wear to compete or whether they want to be drug tested or not drug tested. Lifters only compete against "like" competition.
We pay strict attention to the detail that will empower our athletes to achieve greater results. As founders of this federation, that have competed at world class level, we appreciate everything that can enhance a lifters chances for being successful. Specifically, 1) we promote all lifters and sponsors before, during and following all federation events..."you are why we're here", 2) all referees must pass our written and situational oral examination and evaluated on actual performance prior to gaining approval as and International referee, 3) all lifters have access to the best equipment - mono-lifts, compeition benches and Rogue calibrated Kilo plates, 4) athletes have a choice to lift to their own walk-up lifting song or not, 5) we put a premium on lifter safety and ensure only experienced spotters are assigned to the platform, 6) we introduce all competitors to the crowd during our opening ceremonies to appreciate the work they've put in to prepare for competition, 7) our awards are awesome, 8) we believe in communication, so the lifters know what's going on at all times leading up to an event (lesson lifter anxiety), and finally 9) we believe in running events that are highly organized, high energy and transparent in nature.
We are planning to hold our first WORLD EVENT during the first quarter of 2018! You can find updates on all upcoming events, etc. at!  
Again, welcome to our 365-SWPF family!!