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Astrakhan Oblast Open Championship

FederationRussian Union Of Powerlifters (ROP)
VenueRussia, Astrahan
Datemarch 25, 2018
Number of lifters57
Added byPower35 april 15, 2018
 PlLifterAge clsBYFromBody wtSQBPDLTotal
Category 48 kg
Bondarenko LyubovO1991Astrahan47.004087.5
Category 60 kg
Musaeva RayanaO1991Astrahan59.303085
Category 67.5 kg
Smorodin IvanJ1994Astrahan67.10130200
Category 75 kg
Sarin BulatO1983Astrahan68.40110160
Category 82.5 kg
Nozrenkov SergeyO1989Astrahan81.00152.5225
Churushkin RomanO1999Astrahan81.60135220
Kulichkov VladimirO2000Astrahan78.70130225
Category 90 kg
Komrakov YaroslavO2000Astrahan83.6092.5165
Category 100 kg
Korchikov MikhailO1983Astrahan98.00160235
Manakov MikhailM51957Astrahan94.30127.5140
Category 110 kg
Timoshin SemenM21969Astrahan104.00130170