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Open Masterful Tournament and the Moscow Region Championship:PP DT

FederationRussian Union Of Powerlifters (ROP)
VenueRussia, Moscow
Datefeb 9 – 10, 2019
Number of lifters70
Added byPower35 february 12, 2019
 PlLifterAge clsBYFromBody wtSQBPDLTotalCoach
Category 56 kg
Vertlyugina MariyaT2002Serpukhov54.9042.5
100Гребнев Е.
Category 75 kg
Skvortsova DaryaJ1997Serpukhov72.4032.575Гребнев Е.
Category 75 kg
Baranov OlegT2003Volzhskiy70.7052.590
Medvednikov AntonO1988Moscow71.00130190
Spudis-Kostutis EvgeniyO1985Serpukhov71.50112.5172.5Исаев М.
Category 90 kg
Skvortsov SokratO1980Vereya83.60135217.5Юшин А.
Category 125 kg
Sinyakov DaniilO1994Moscow120.70162.5
217.5Беловал Е.