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Open tournament and championship "The strongest Saratov"

FederationWorld Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF)
VenueRussia, Saratov
Datejul 13 – 14, 2018
Number of lifters35
Added byPower35 july 18, 2018
 PlLifterAge clsBYFromBody wtSQBPDLTotal
Category 56 kg
Tereschenko IvanT12001Engels53.2070120
Category 67.5 kg
Pisarev AntonT22001Saratov61.6067.5125
Category 82.5 kg
Pekin DmitriyT12001Ershov79.5095150
Dovletov AliJ1997Engels79.50125190
Category 90 kg
Mashurov GeorgiyO1982Orenburg87.40130230
Category 100 kg
Shabaev RuslanO1990Pugachev93.20145235
Category 125 kg
Samarin KonstantinO1981Pugachev118.00180240